We conduct the following services, phone, text or email for details.

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- £40 per track

Do you want your track remixed to add that edge and extra choice?  Maybe you are so close to a "Big Tune" but seem to have hit a brick wall and cannot quite finish it all off?
A standard remix following receipt of your Wav samples etc on a CD will cost £20.00 plus the mastering charge of £20.00

- £20 per track
You will receive 2 versions of the final master so as to offer you a differing sound/style to choose between.  If there are any issues, we will of course let you know and any additional costs will be agreed beforehand following the receipt of your CD.

Studio Time
- From £15.00 per hour

(Home studio available for hire) Studio hire can be very costly indeed and is not always affordable to everyone, therefore why not keep you money outlay to an absolute minimum and lay down your vocals or record your instruments in a small budget home studio?

This studio is perfectly suitable for singers or single instrument players, like keyboard, violin or guitar etc.

Backing tracks can be created/supplied at an additional cost which will be discussed and agreed prior to starting recording.  Alternatively, you can supply your own backing track or we can play a metronome sound, a rhythm or a beat of some kind at your chosen tempo to help you synchronise your timing with.

The vocals can be compressed, effected with reverb, delay and echo's etc, either prior to laying down the recording or can be added afterwards to obtain the desired sound, this is simply your own choice.

Items like headphones, keyboards and microphones etc are all available to use, though it is best to phone us before and to discuss your own individual requirements prior to, or when booking a slot.

You can bring a PC USB dongle to copy the stems to or we can simply zip and email them to you, upload them to the web on a secure download link, drop-box them to you, or copy them onto a DVD or CD image and post them.

The studio can be booked during the day from 10:00am until 4:00pm at £15.00 per hour or on weekends and evenings for £20.00 per hour.  Evening slots can be booked between 4:00pm and 9:00pm and slots are available on Saturday's and Sunday's from 11:00am until 6:00pm.

Below you will see some photographs of the hardware, software programs and studio equipment that we use.

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